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Also, in his book So Many Years With People's Questions - Part IV, regarding the question "[12] THE RELATIONSHIP OF THE APOSTLES WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT" H.H. Pope Shenouda III states:

"But the relationship that the Lord Christ had with the Holy Spirit was hypostatic and quite distinct from that of the apostles or anyone else with the Spirit. This is because Christ's relationship with the Holy Spirit is eternal, and is based on equality."

What does H.H. mean by hypostatic here? Does he mean Hypostatic Union (of the human nature and the divine nature of Christ)? What is the difference between hypostatic in this quote and hypostatic in Hypostatic Union?

His Holiness was differentiating the union of an apostle with the Holy Spirit than that of†the Hypostatic Union of the Holy Trinity. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are not only co-essential, eternal, and inseparable, but also of one essence which is God†who is†Divine. The apostle and the faithful unite with the Holy Spirit,†because the Holy Spirit dwells in the person.†Thus, in the†Incarnation, Christ the Word took flesh, but the Holy†Trinity, One God,†participated in the immaculate conception of Christ.

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