Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Dr. Alistar McGrath is a famous atheist-turned-Christian in England. He discusses the view, which goes back as far as Origen, that the Adam and Eve story was intended to relate a theological truth more than a historical (

There is nothing mentioned in this clip that is contradictory to the Orthodox belief. In essence, there is some agreement. The question is why can't it be theoretical, symbolic, and historical at the same time? Historically, it is important because humanity could not have existed until today just in theory. Symbolically, there are many features that have prophetic and symbolic meanings in all the events relating to Adam and Eve and relating to Christ and our salvation. Theoretically, there are many concepts embedded in each page of the Holy Scripture which are of great value but in need of godly interpretation and sound doctrine. Therefore, we cannot simply reach a conclusion of excluding the literal meaning of the word of the Holy Bible, but rather we must take the letter and the spirit of the meaning. St. Luke chapter 3:38 proves Adam is a historical truth.

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