Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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A youth at our church is having a difficult time finding her place in the Church--so much so; that she is considering visiting other churches. Nothing seems to help her feel close to God. In spite of her claim that she prays and reads the Holy Bible; she doesn't have connection to the Coptic Church in general. Her views are different from the Church's. I do not know how to help her; and at the same time I do not want to give up on her. Does your Grace have any suggestions?

I think the problem is not finding a place in the Church; but having a real relationship with God. First, this person needs to build a relationship with the Lord which will eventually lead her to realize the importance of the Church in her life. Encourage her to pray; and also pray with her for this particular issue; asking the Lord to be an essential part of her life. If reading Church books bore her; you can choose a good spiritual book you have read and discuss it with her highlighting the main points you liked in this book; then give it to her. This might encourage her to read it. Get her to read the Holy Book of Acts  to discover how the Church is a major part in our relationship with the Lord and with other believers. St. Paul says we are to be members of the household of God (Eph 2:19).  

Secondly, it will help a lot if you can get this person to be more involved in the church; and play a role in it. Encourage her to attend the youth meeting; and if you have any social activities linked to this meeting ask for her suggestions or help in organizing such activities.

Make her feel she belongs to the group. Even if she has different views now; do not attack those views. Start by making her feel comfortable with the youth; then she will eventually look at things differently.

Most importantly pray for her and do not abandon her Always keep trying no matter how much she resists; and  do not give up on her.
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