Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I am a college student. I think a lot about the nature of eternal life and get very much worried.; I live a good life and am blessed with a lot. However, in spite of God's promises in the bible which help a lot, fear of the unknown and what bad things the future may hold trouble me a great deal. I do get anxious about what might happen to my dear mother and fear being separated from her. Could you please help?

Fear is Satan's biggest lie to us. He wants to rob us of the Peace that we are supposed to have in Jesus Christ. Fear is contaminated faith. Fear and faith are like opposite poles; they never meet. Therefore, do not let the devil rob you of the best thing you can have in Christ; which is peace and joy. Our life on earth is not meant originally to go on forever. It is for a period. Consider how much attached to your mom you are, and afraid of being separated from her. In heaven you will be more attached to the Lord and will enjoy your presence with Him more than anything else. It is a feeling that no one has ever experienced on earth. In heaven there is no boredom, no present, past nor future, no pain, sadness, nor anxiety; but as we say in the Litany of the Departed "good things which an eye has not seen nor ear heard neither have come upon the heart of man the things which You, O God, have prepared for those who love Your holy name." So I assure you that once a person makes it into heaven, there will be nothing for him to worry about there. We need to depend on the Lord to get rid of our anxieties. Submit your life to the Lord; for He can do more and better things with it than you can. I am glad that you do see the blessings God has bestowed upon you. May the Lord guide you and bless you always.
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