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I read Your Grace's article "Who is Harry Potter" and I actually would like to read the book for myself. Is it appropriate if I read it? My understanding is that Harry Potter is a good magician trying to overcome bad magic with good sorcery.

With regard to  Harry Potter and "GOOD SORCERY"; I would like you to read the Holy Book of Romans 14:1-17 which addresses Christian liberty in serving God.

This chapter shows how gracious and tolerant God is with regard to unclear issues such as witchcraft, sorcery, etc... Such pagan practices are frequently documented in both the New and Old Testaments. With regard to the Christian dogmas; they cannot be compromised. We see that very obvious in the Coptic Orthodox church.

Those weak or immature in the faith (again the ages of those reading Harry Potter) may attach importance to such things as GOOD SORCERY. When we allow our environment to make us lose sight of the Biblical teachings we know are true and right we begin to place the focal point not on the principle itself but instead take the teaching of good and bad and apply it to pagan things making those things seem good and bad also.

A mature conscience in the Lord Jesus Christ must follow the rules strictly with no bending/degree levels/attachment to wrongful acts. A mature conscience will also refrain from causing spiritual harm to another, "for the Kingdom is righteousness and peace and joy" (Rom 14:17).
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