Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I've been a Christian for a long time. I feel that God has changed a lot of the negative attitudes and emotions in me since I've started serving Him. However, there are still some areas in my life that need change. For example, negative attitudes like anger and judging others. How can I overcome these attitudes? Does it take a lifetime to really get rid of all the bad habits inside of us?

Negative attitudes and bad habits are the tools the devil uses to keep us away from God and stop our spiritual growth. It is not easy to break a habit. However, God has given gave us the means with which we are able to defend ourselves against all the powers of evil. Prayer is the most important thing since we cannot do anything on our own without the help of God. Persist on praying to the Lord asking Him to strengthen you and resist falling in the same sin over and over again.

Confession and uncovering all our thoughts to our spiritual father is another important tool in repentance, receiving forgiveness from God and in defeating Satan and all his nasty tricks.
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