Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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My wife and I have been married for almost a year and we still have not had a physical relationship. She has given me hints that she does not want to be intimate. Is it possible to get an annulment?

Your complaint is ambiguous and one-sided. In order to determine cause for annulment, the Church must first conduct a comprehensive review, and both sides need to provide clear and honest information about the situation. The Church's primary goal and intervention is to preserve the marital unit, not to dissolve it. There are many ways to address your situation, and by the grace of God, can help alleviate this complaint so that you may develop a harmonious and satisfying marital relationship. You and your wife need to discuss your situation with your confession fathers, assume responsibility for your own roles, discuss the situation with your physicians to address any unpleasant physical symptoms during intimacy, and work with a counselor to address marital issues concerning the expression of affection toward each other as a vital component in marriage. When seeking a counselor, it is best to choose a Christian therapist that shares similar ideology about the Holy Mystery [Sacrament] of Matrimony. Prayer for each other and the preservation of the marriage is fundamental. Annulment is the last course of action, which your confession father[s] will determine if that is the unfortunate path to take, and thus, can guide you in the appropriate steps in this less favorable process.
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