Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I have a close friend who is very dear to me, but lately he began to open up to me and told me about how he began to drift away from Christianity. Instead, he started to get himself into Alchemy. He said he still has a love for God, but he was very curious and wanted to know more about the world and had his doubts, so Alchemy helped him see a lot and understand a lot (like he said one of the things he got to see were angels, as well as demons through Alchemy). He said it is where he uses things such as candles, scripts/passages and certain symbols to call on “spirits” and claims that it is different from calling on demons/devils. I believe that it is the same thing as dealing with demons and may be dangerous, but he does not see it that way. He did, however, admit a scary incident where once he was doing this with a friend and something was said wrong by mistake and his friend turned on his back and was shaking uncontrollably. He also said for a good two years after that incident, he felt that there was always this “weight” on his shoulders and felt something was watching him and he always felt like his head was on fire. He did say, however, that his “Alchemy group” took pity on him and reversed this act and now he feels better. He thinks this is all dealt with “spirits”, easily controlled and everything can be reversed as he experienced in the past. I do not know what to do. Is this really all as he claims or is he actually in potential danger? I am worried about him and do not know what to do.

You are indeed a good friend for being concerned about this person. Try to introduce your friend to Christian literature and social media where he can be enlightened with the truth and understand why his interest in the supernatural is dangerous and gravely misunderstood. When you meet together, talk to him frankly and openly about his salvation. There are many good books, audios, and videos that can help him find his way to Christianity and eternal life.
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