Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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It is believed that when Jesus descended to hell to save his saints, and that everyone who was in hell was saved with them. Do we the Coptic Orthodox Church believe that everyone who was in hell was saved? Also where Adam and Eve and the saints being tortured in hell?

After our Lord Jesus Christ granted the world salvation through His death on the holy cross, He descended into hades and freed the believers who were taken captive and died in the hope of His coming. Thus, in the holy Transfiguration, the two great prophets, Moses and Elijah, convened with Christ upon Mount Tabor, yet they had not yet entered paradise. Until this day, the non-believers remain in hades. Paradise and hades are the holding places until Judgment Day. Christ opened Paradise when He granted the world salvation. Adam, Eve, many great prophets, and many other righteous men and women entered Paradise. Hell is the place of everlasting punishment, which will be determined on Judgment Day that is yet to come.
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