Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I have spent time at St. Mary and St. Moses Abbey in Texas. I think I would like to pursue some sort of degree or career in Theology and study at a Seminary. I know that the seminary at the monastery is not accredited yet. Is it okay for someone who believes in the Orthodox teaching to attend a Christian college that might be Baptist? I have the idea of going to a Christian school that is not Orthodox, but while being there, holding on to the Orthodox Faith and just ignoring what might be taught but actually may be untrue. I do not think there are any Orthodox seminaries or colleges near where I live in San Antonio other than the one at the monastery, and that is why I am thinking of that.

It is permissible to attend a university of another denomination, but be cautious of learning and receiving contradicting information, stay very connected to your spiritual father, check everything with him, and attend our own Coptic Orthodox Church as often as you can. You may also attend the Seminary that is hosted twice per year (Labor Day & Memorial Day weekends) for four years at St. Stephen Christian Retreat & Conference Center. This way, you may benefit the most without compromising the Orthodox teachings.

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