Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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When are we not supposed to read from the Agpeya and perform prostrations? Why do we not do them at these times?

During Holy Week, all our focus, prayers, and readings are from the Holy Pascha Book. We perform prostrations during the petitions in the Daytime Litanies, since the Church is still abstaining from any food during these hours, but not during the Nighttime Litanies because these are prayed after sunset, and the abstinence fast is over at sunset.

We do not perform prostrations associated with fasting during the Holy Fifty Days following the Holy Resurrection because this is a joyful season.

Prostrations are generally performed during times of fasting and abstinence, as in the Prime Hour of the Agpeya. We also do not perform prostrations after the Divine Liturgy.
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