Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I read the article “When the Well is Dry” and really liked it. How can I learn to balance college (medical school) and my spiritual life? What needs to change to bring life back into my prayers and relationship with God?

It is important to assess your time, abilities, responsibilities, and priorities. Begin by prioritizing your responsibilities. You must also factor in some down time where you can relax, spend time with family, serve, and socialize (lightly).

The demands of medical school are extremely rigorous. Therefore, it requires being at the top of the priorities. That does not mean that your spiritual life would be second on the list. Rather, your spiritual life must remain strong, but you need to factor in the time to make sure your prayers and readings are not neglected. Waking up 15 minutes earlier or going to sleep 15 minutes later could accomplish this. Phones and devices that have the Holy Bible and Agpeya are a great advantage. When you take a break from your studies, you can read a psalm, a chapter, or more. You can listen to hymns or sermons in your car or with headphones. Take frequent retreats at monasteries when you have vacation time. This makes a tremendous differencea spiritual well on its own from which you can draw during times when you are overwhelmed with studies and cannot get away.

Make sure that you are not lagging behind on your studies, so when the family gathers togetherpreferably once per week, you can join them, make a visit to those on your service list, and of course, attend the Liturgy at least weekly. The more you accurately estimate the time your responsibilities require, the better you will be able to satisfy all your spiritual life, interests, and obligations without sacrificing your studies.  
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