Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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What is the Coptic Orthodox view of the ancient flower of life? Since most ancient civilizations used this idea (flower of life) for god’s creation, can we use this to prove God's existence and consciousness, or does it contradict with the Christian Orthodox faith?

There is really no interest on behalf of the Coptic Orthodox Church regarding the concept of this ancient flower of life. Though some writers attempt to integrate the creation account to be revealed in the geometric formation of this design, there is much convolution about many other theories supporting this design, as well as pagan ideology. If you were to use a paradigm that is shared by other faiths, as well as in paganism to prove God's existence, then you are also in danger of validating the beliefs of the others as well, and thus, will diminish your argument for the existence of God—the One True God. If you are interested in Apologetics, please attend our SUS Diocese Evangelism and Apologetics Conference held the first weekend in August at St. Stephen Christian Retreat and Conference Center, Titusville, FL. You may also visit our websites for more information:
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