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Why does Psalm 22 say all the prosperous shall eat and worship? Why does psalm 66 or 65 say through the greatness of His power all His enemies will submit to Him and all the earth will worship Him. It seems that all go to heaven whether it is experienced as joy and torment. So, is hell not a real eternal place separated from God?

salm 22 can be divided up into several themes. This portion of Psalm 22, v. 29, reveals the future of conversion of nations and mighty people on earth to Christianity.

Many tyrants and oppressive nations will eventually submit to the true God because of their witness to His might. The first few verses of Psalm 66 praise God for His mighty acts and wonders. Verse 3 recalls God's greatness in saving His people from their enemies. Later in the Psalm, David the Psalmist remembers how God saved His people when they were afflicted with many burdens and crossed the sea while being pursued by Pharaoh and his armies (although not mentioned by name) (v. 10-12). Many were forced to believe in God because of His might acts. For example: Nebuchadnezzar was astonished by the three youth thrown in the furnace. He, being not of the faith, recognized the divine God was the fourth person walking with the youth amidst the fire.

Hell is a real place in eternity. God is all in all and fills all with His presence and knowledge. However, the grace of God will not be extended to the souls in hell. The souls who will spend eternity in hell cannot be comforted nor forgiven by Godís grace. Thus, they will be tormented in hell.
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