Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I know that an email is always sent from the SUS Diocese about Halloween discouraging the kids from participating in it. When I was googling the origin of Halloween it seemed to me that most of its origin is coming from the “All Saints Days” or “The Day of the Dead,” who are the saints and the martyrs. It is a day to remember the people who left us and cherish their memory.

I personally do not like the scary part about Halloween, but there are still some things that I find nice about it, like fellowship with neighbors, carving the pumpkin, and dressing up in not scary outfits.

The cons far outweigh any possibility of pros regarding Halloween. There is no reason at all to have any fellowship with darkness and evil. You may have many acquaintances and friendships, but fellowship ought only to be with people that share your faith. If it is a matter of engaging in some American cultural experiences, you can easily find other opportunities that do not conflict with our principles. By the way, there are many other Christian churches that also do not accept Halloween practices and are just as adamant to caution their congregants to be proactive against pressures to celebrate this day that is marred with no good. Stand your ground!
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