Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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What is the difference between the cherubim and the seraphim? I know that the cherubim are full of eyes and the seraphim have six wings. Do they both have many eyes and six wings?

According to the Holy Book of Ezekiel 10:12:21, cherubim have four faces, four wings, and are full of eyes. The cherubim use two of their wings to cover their whole bodies and two to fly. Being "full of eyes" means "full of wisdom," and seeing in every direction. The cherubim are considered to be just below the rank of the seraphim and their function is foremost as guardians to the throne of God (see Genesis 3:24). The seraphim are the highest ranking angels with the closest proximity to God—consistently and incessantly praising Him. According to the Holy Book of Isaiah 6:2, the seraphim cover their eyes in the presence of God with two of their six wings.
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