Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I'm a high school student, and ever since the announcement of the seminary in Texas was released, it is all I think about. I know that one must have a bachelor's degree to enter the seminary, so will it still be available by the time I get my bachelor's degree. It is my dream to be under the feet of the teachers and become learned in the theology and traditions of the Church, as well as to spend a great amount of time under the feet of the monks at the monastery, which has a great place in my heart. Also, when is it recommended to enter the seminary? Since it is full time, is it best to enter as soon as my university studies are completed?

It is a great blessing to desire spiritual knowledge and to serve God, as this is a befitting attitude of Christians that is pleasing to our Lord. Once you have completed your bachelor degree, God willing, you may apply to the Boarding Seminary, as the requirement for this program is a bachelor degree:

The St. Athanasius Theological Seminary—the Distance Learning Program in Florida—is a 4-year, but non-residential program. A high school diploma is sufficient as one of the requirements for the application to this program. Thus, if you wish and have the time to enroll simultaneously while you pursue your bachelor degree, this is another option to consider if you want to start sooner. 

Discuss your thoughts and aspirations with your confession father for a more detailed agenda.
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