Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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How, when, and by who were the Apostles baptized?

The four accounts of the Holy Gospel provide us with brief but poignant synopsis of some of the most important events in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. Further interpretations, inferences, and canons of the church are extracted from the Didache and the writings of the early church fathers. The disciples of Christ included disciples of St. John the Baptist. What St. John did, so did his disciples. What Christ did, so did His disciples. Therefore, it was not necessary for the Gospel writers to mention the baptism of each of the disciples or apostles. They were baptized with water for repentance, just like their Master, for Christ, Himself, had no need for repentance for He is sinless, but demonstrated its importance. Christ explained that this cleansing was for an even greater repentance which was inherited to us through our father Adam and our mother Eve. Thus, it is a cleansing and repentance from Original Sin, which all humanity needs.

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