Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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What is our Church's thought about transsexuals? It is claimed to be a disorder by high levels of androgens occurring at birth or in the womb. If indeed it is a disorder, then is it or would it still be condemned by the Church? If it's a sin, why is it and/or homosexuality condemned more so then the rest of sins that people commit?

True hermaphrodites are born with congenital developmental deformity which occurs in the early embryonic stage and causes the individual to develop the sex organs of both genders. When this is the extreme rare case, the parents must choose one gender and eliminate the other sex organs via a surgical procedure.

The gender of pseudo-hermaphrodites is often mistaken at birth because the appearance of their genitalia is misidentified as that of the opposite gender secondary to excessive secretions of the other sex hormone. Transsexuals are individuals who are convinced that they are in the body of another gender. The DSM-IV classifies them as having "gender identity disorder." There is a powerful combination of psychological and environmental influences on these individuals. Nonetheless, this behavior is considered a sin and requires spiritual counseling in addition to psycho-social therapy.

Homosexuals are individuals that in essence profane God's words. It is an abomination. God created every living creature male and female for unity and procreation. Adultery is a sin, but it is within God's plan that men and women are attracted to each other. However, they sin when they transgress against God's commandments. Homosexuality attempts to nullify God's plan, and therefore, it is more than just a sin, but an abomination.

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