Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Is there a known reason why St. Mary the Theotokos didn't go to the tomb early Sunday morning to anoint the body of her Son with the other ladies? The Virgin Mary is His closest relative. If anyone was certain of the incorruption of His human body and His resurrection, it should have been her. She is the one who knows the most about His divinity. Is this the reason that she did not go there to seek the living among the dead?

St. Mary, the Blessed Mother of God, is the only one who never doubted Christ's divinity. Although, she attended to His customary burial, she believed in every word He said and knew that no tomb could ever have any authority over Him. The sixth litany for the None (9th Hour) Agpeya Prayers emphasizes the Virgin Mother's heartache over Christ's painful crucifixion (as her Son and God), but affirms it necessary for salvation. Thus, in the midst of her anguish, she rejoiced with the rest of humanity. Therefore, it is clear, she was confident in His glorious resurrection.

"When the mother saw the Lamb and Shepherd, the Savior of the world, hung on the Cross, she said while weeping, “The world rejoices in receiving salvation, while my heart burns as I look at Your crucifixion which You are enduring for the sake of all, my Son and my God.” (Agepya, None Prayer, 6th Litany)
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