Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Regarding 'Halal’ meat, are we allowed to eat it or is it considered an offering to an idol? If it is not allowed, what should people do who live in Islamic countries? Wouldn't prayer in the name of the Holy Trinity and one God before eating sanctify and bless any meat or food that has been slaughtered or prepared by non-Christians? How about meat products that have been prepared by Hindus, Atheists, Satan-worshippers, and many others who do not pray in the name of our Lord when slaughtering the animal?

Halal in Arabic means lawful in English. The meat slaughtered by the Muslims according to their rules must be lawful, i.e., “halal.” With the least amount of pain, the slaughtered animal's jugular vein is slit and the blood is drained. The Jewish faith's Kosher laws are similar regarding the slaughtering of animals and also list many of the same restricted items below, including shellfish, etc. However, the New Testament liberated the believers from these restrictions (Acts 10:9-16). For many health reasons, some Christians still observe some of these similar limitations, but with a completely different perspective. Other restrictions are basically driven from our own canons regarding fasting. We still encourage people to avoid eating bloody meat. Nonetheless, you are permitted to share in the consumption of food products from other religions because we are not under restrictions of their laws. In regards to meat products, the following are considered unlawful:
  • any kind of pork
  • animals that were dead prior to slaughtering
  • animals not slaughtered properly
  • animals not slaughtered in the name of Allah
  • any kind of blood by products
  • carnivorous animals
  • birds of prey
  • land animals without external ears
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