Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Can girls use tampons? If someone is on a swim team, she cannot miss 25% of the practices and meets.

It is not appropriate for girls or unmarried women to use any type of instruments which require insertion of any device into the vaginal canal. Many people will argue that there is no harm, but that it is not true. Every person's body is different, so it is not right or fair to generalize. It is possible that this device can cause rupture to the hymen. For some cultures and some faiths, this is of no concern. However, virginity is important to us, not only on a cultural level, but on a physical level, and even more on a spiritual level. The revelation of a ruptured hymen may cause problems and suspicions down the road with a future spouse.

Another reason not to use tampons is that of the product itself. About twenty years ago, some women had very violent reactions and even fatalities which were linked to faulty tampons. The risks declined as the general use of tampons declined. The third reason is that of the process of manipulating a gadget into a very sensitive location which may cause some stimulation. It is best to avoid using these products altogether. If your practices and swim meets are jeopardized by your decision, then assert your position, accept the deduction of points, or choose a different sport.
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