Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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The image and likeness of Adam, which one was corrupted after the fall? Do the angels have the image and likeness of God?

Sin entered the world through the envy of the devil. Satan coerced Eve to participate in deception, disobedience, pride, etc., and she in turn did the same with Adam. The fall was a result of exercising their free will to disobey God. We lost our likeness with the fall, but not our image. Angels are "ministers of fire," also born with a free will, but subject to ministering to God. Thus, when they disobeyed, they were immediately judged and condemned, not only because they sinned, but because they refused to repent because of their persistent pride. God desires that all would be saved. He had compassion on Adam and Eve and their descendants and immediately executed a plan of salvation for them. This plan would involve God's incomprehensible humility, for He emptied Himself to express His love for us, and became one of us.
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