Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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My question concerns homosexuality. The Ukrainian Orthodox Archdiocese of Canada states in relation to homosexuality:

Orthodoxy distinguishes between a homosexual orientation and a homosexual expression of one's sexuality. While denouncing same sex sexual relations, we affirm the basic human dignity and rights of the person with a homosexual orientation. In short, homosexual acts are condemned, not homosexual people. The homosexual man or woman, then, is faced with a particular struggle with his/her sexuality that, by the grace of God and guidance of His Church, he or she can find a healthy, Christ-centered means of life.
Would you agree with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church that such is the Orthodox position i.e. that the Church condemns homosexual activity--whether in mind, body, soul, or heart, but does not condemn someone simply for being naturally oriented in such a way so as to be attracted to the same sex? In this regard the Church would thus willingly baptize one who is homosexually oriented yet who seeks to resist all thoughts, lusts, desires, and temptations, and has hope in his ultimate transformation by the healing Grace of the Church?

You may find the church's complete formal statement regarding homosexual practices and persons at the link below. A term you used in your statement requires caution: "...but does not condemn someone for being naturally oriented in such a way so as to be attracted to the same sex?" We do not hold the notion that one is "naturally oriented" towards homosexuality, but rather the individual has consciously or unconsciously submitted to this desire (see Romans 1:18-32; Genesis 1:27). The church invites all people to repentance and agrees to baptize repentant persons (if baptized as adults) who adhere to all the teachings of the Coptic Orthodox faith.

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