Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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What would Your Grace's answer be, if asked by a hardcore skeptical atheist about your beliefs? Reasoning must be a completely rational and intellectual explanation without any reference to the Holy Bible or any other spiritual resources.

Mercy, compassion, peace, truth, sacrifice, love, justice, perseverance, hope, forgiveness, righteousness, and eternal life are all in the beautiful and divine hands of our Lord Jesus Christ only. The Almighty loving God, who is above all time, has appeared in the flesh to lessen our burdens and fulfill His promises. What other concept of a god can even compare? Atheism, with all its self-proclaimed intellect, pathetically attempts to replace the true God with a temporary deception of inferior knowledge and self-reliance. People admire celebrities who model charity, parents who sacrifice for their children, authorities who parade humility, officials who exhibit justice, dignitaries who design treaties for peace, and highlight every occasion that alludes to a better human race, but shun the answer of a perfect God Who has placed in the hearts of humans an intangible desire of change for the better. Jesus Christ is the only God Who is distinguished with every noble quality. Throughout time, what other figure has changed the world as did our Lord Jesus Christ? He purposely lived a simple life and chose unpretentious disciples to share the Good News. In His meekness, He has enriched us; while Atheism has inflated the mind but impoverished the soul. Note the altruistic actions of a child untainted by the corruption and cynicism of the vanities of the world. We are God's children, so blessed and grateful to have a God, Who is above all time and has appeared in the flesh to pay our debts and restore us back to Him.      

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