Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Is it wrong to "defend" myself when I am yelled at, blamed, or punished wrongfully or unnecessarily by others including my head servants and my parents? Also, is it wrong for me to take a step forward in the service by leading others into various organizational activities even though I myself have not been entrusted to such a role Lastly, does it go against humility to share my ideas and knowledge before others in, for example, a spiritual meeting, church discussion, or gathering of friends? Being humble is not easy...any advice?

It is not wrong to defend yourself in a righteous, spiritual way, without offending or criticizing others. There is a difference between defending ourselves and telling others their mistakes. In defending myself, I should not be seeking personal glory, challenging or intimidating others. True humbleness is having enough courage to admit it when I am wrong.

Regarding leading others in various organizational activities, if I feel that this is a gift from God, then it is not against humbleness. I should talk to the leaders, and ask them if I could serve in this area. If they agree I can then start to serve; but if they do not; I should respect their decision without being offended.  

In sharing my opinion, I need to ask myself: is it for the glory of God, or to show off my knowledge? Also do I submit to the decision of the group, or am I stubborn, and insisting on my opinion? The answer to these questions will reveal to me whether I am prideful or humble.
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