Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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What is the significance of praying with the Agpeya? How does it compare to American Christian Denominations way of praying?

In Psalm 118, David the Prophet and King, prays saying: "Seven times a day I have praised You because of the judgments of Your righteousness." The Agpeya contains the seven canonical prayers commemorating the most significant events pertaining directly to our Lord Jesus Christ. The Protestant churches, in general, have not been interested in preserving or using an anthology of prayers or tradition. The Catholic church diffes in that the Catholics have maintained their own traditional prayers of the Rosary which commemorate the "joyful, sorrowful, & glorious mysteries" of our Lord, through the intercessions of the Blessed Mother. St. Mary is strictly the goal of the Rosary. Novenas are also prayed nine days before feasts, including those of saints.
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