Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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In His Holiness' lecture dated 10/05/04 - 5-10-04 in the social topics section, His Holiness said that it is wrong if a woman does not use make-up because she will be criticized by her friends, relatives, and strangers. Would you please explain to me what is wrong with not using make-up? Why don't we let the others say whatever they want to say since we are not offending anyone in making such a decision?

His Holiness does not talk about wearing make-up; but about appearance in general. He comments about going to the extreme in everything. This includes lack of proper hygiene, like combing hair, having clean and trimmed nails, and wearing, not necessarily expensive, but neat, clean and ironed clothes. Showering and using deodorant are very important; especially in warm countries. I think the message of His Holiness is moderation in everything.
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